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Last updated: 08:06:20 PM GMT(+03) Saturday, 02, June, 2012

Clashes renewed between Houthis and Salfis

 Yemen Post Staff
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Several persons were killed and wounded after the outbreak of fighting between Houthis and Salifis in Kitaf of Saada governorate on Saturday, security sources in said on Saturday.
Security chief of Kitaf district, Faisal Al-Tam, affirmed that two vehicles were destroyed, pointing out that the local authorities are exerting efforts to end the confrontations.
He further called the two sides to end fighting and reach reconciliation, reiterating that various weapons were used in the clashes.
Clashes between the Houthi militias and Salafis intermittently break out from time to time in the remote governorate.
The governorate witnessed fierce fighting fiver years ago in various areas of the governorate and dozens including foreigners from both sides were killed and wounded.
The Houthis are accused of attempting to expand and take control on Saada, Hajja, Amran and other northern governorates with support of Iran. They engaged in fierce battles with tribes of Hajja early of the current year.
Their clashes with Salafis in Saada first erupted in November 2011 and they were ceased in line with truce agreement brokered by Sheikh Hussein Al-Ahmar, an influential tribal leader in Amran, south Sa’ada.
While the Houthi group controls on most areas of Saada, Salafis are centered in Dammaj in which the well-known Dar Al-Hadeeth Quran school in Dammaj was established in the 1980s by the late religious leader Sheikh Moqbel Al-Wadie and is considered the biggest Salafi school in Yemen.
The Houthi group has engaged in six wars with the central government, the last one ending in 2010. The founder of the Houthi group, Hussein Al-Houthi was killed in 2004 during the first round of the war.







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We apologize for technical issues Yemen Post website is facing
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