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Last updated: 06:07:35 PM GMT(+03) Sunday, 23, November, 2014

Army, Houthis involved in violations including war crimes in Yemen

 Yemen Post Staff

The Houthi Militant Groups, the army and authorities have been accused of committing a series of violations including war crimes and human rights abuses in Yemen.
Human Rights Watch said the Houthi Group and the Yemeni army violated laws of war in September through targeting civilians and attacking hospitals as Houthis continued to expand by force.
HRW urged the Yemeni government to carry out investigations into violations by Houthis and the forces when the capital city of Sanaa fell to hands of the militants.

“Civilians and hospitals were attacked during the fighting in Sanaa in September,” said Joe Stork, deputy Middle East and North Africa director at Human Rights Watch. “The belligerent forces also failed to take adequate steps to protect civilians from the fighting.”

“The Yemeni government needs to investigate attacks on civilians and hospitals and make sure that laws-of-war violations do not go unpunished or uncompensated,” Stork said.

On Friday, the UK-based Alsharq Alawsat Newspaper revealed the Houthi Group used apartments as illegal jails in Sanaa where its foes including intelligence officers were detained.

The paper said the popular committee dispatched to all areas in the capital have responsible for carrying out arrests of officers, journalists and activists to the jails. The Group has seized the capital along with other governorates since it signed a peace and national partnership agreement on September 21.
Since they seized the capital, Houthis raided the houses of many political, military and non-military leaders, journalists and activists. In most cases, they illegally interrogated leaders and their families.
Meanwhile, Houthi militants have lately used to force families and political foes to leave their houses and then bomb houses. In this context, many incidents have been documented since the militants claimed themselves as decision makers and then started battles with political, tribal and ideological foes in several cities.
On October 19, Houthis broke into the house of Ali Bedair, a leader from the Islah Party, classed with guards and relatives of Bedair killing his son and nephew. After the clashes, the militants forced those who were inside the house out and bombed it.

Among violations of Houthis, other political groups and authorities were harassment and assaults against journalists, occupation of schools and using them as war positions and weapon stores including those in the capital and threatening many activists.
Recently, the Freedom Foundation revealed 52 violations including physical assaults on journalists which had been documented in the first month after Houhtis seized Sanaa.
Meanwhile, families in cities say their fears are growing because of the continued presence of Houthi militias in downtown cities, a matter which can lead to explosion of the situation anytime.
In the past two weeks, students from Sanaa University complained about harassment by militants. Some said Houthis ordered boy students to avoid talk to girl students. On streets, some citizens cried Houthi ordered them to avoid listening to songs.
Houthis don't only intermediate politicians, journalists and activists
Moreover, some organizations and observers argued that the Houthi Group is exploiting its alleged war on Al-Qaeda to target its political foes.



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Source: Yemen Post Newspaper
Army, Houthis involved in violations including war crimes in Yemen
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