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   Interview with John Powell, Assistant Secretary General to the United Nations -

   Interview with Omar Abdullah Al-Jifri, Leader in the Sons’ League Party (RAY)

   Interview with Hussein Al-Shareef, Deputy Minister of Sports and Youth

   Interview with Head of the Sana’a-Based Al-Aqsa Association Mohammed Al-Adeel

   Interview with Dr. Husni Al-Goshae, Deputy Director at the Science and Technology Hospital and University Professor

   Interview with Former Malaysian Prime Minister Mahathir Mohamad

   Interview with Nasr Taha Mustafa, Head of the Yemeni Journalist Syndicate and Chairman of Saba News Agency

   Interview with JMP Spokesperson Mohammed Al-Mansour

   Interview with President of Yemen, Ali Abdullah Saleh

   Interview with Singapore Ambassador to Yemen, Helmi Talib

   Interview with Opposition Member in Parliament, Sheikh Mohammed Al-Hazmi

   Interview with Emmanuel Mbi, World Bank Country Director for Djibouti, Egypt and Yemen

   Interview with Hakim Almasmari, Publisher and Editor in Chief of the Yemen Post

   Interview with Mohammed Al-Sabri, Nasserite Party Leader

   Interview with Farrukh Iqbal, World Bank Sector Manager Economic Development, (Middle East North Africa) MENA Region

   Interview with Secretary General of the Opposing Islah Party Abdul Wahab Al-Anesi

   Interview with Omar Abdulaziz Hallaj, Team Leader of the Urban Development and Heritage Conservation Project of Zabid

   Interview with Saif Al-Shara’bi, Head of the Security Committee in the Former SCER

   Interview with Dr. Abdul Karim Al-Eryani, President Saleh’s Advisor on Political Affairs

   Interview with Former Minister of Endowments and Current Islah Parliament Member Dr. Kaleb Al-Qurashi

   Interview with General People Congress (GPC), Ruling Party Leader Mutahar Luqman

   Interview with Speaker of Parliament, Sheikh Yahya Al-Ra’ee

   Interview with Abdullah Bin Hussein Jarullah, Sheikh of Khawlan, and Former MP

   Interview with Mohammed Al-Sabri, Nasserite Party Leader

   Interview with Dr. Mohammed Al-Dahmashi, Consultant of Open Heart Surgery

   Interview with David Remes, Lawyer of 15 Yemenis detained in Guantanamo

   Interview with Abdullah Hamoud Al-Haj, Islah Opposition Member in Parliament

   Interview with Tariq Abdul Wase Hayel Saeed, General Manager of United Insurance

   Interview with Mihsen Abu Bakr bin Fareed, the Secretary General of Yemen Sons League Party (Ray)

   Interview with Dr. Khalid Almasmari, Vice President of Yemen American Political Action Committee (YAPAC)

   Interview with Former Minister of Expatriates Saleh Suma’e
   Interview with Jesper Kjaer, General Manager of the International Finance Corp. (IFC) World Bank Group
   ِInterview with Colonel Mohamed Nasser Al-Ameri, Al-Baitha Governor
   ِInterview with Chinese Ambassador to Yemen, Luo Xiaoguang
   ِInterview with General Manager of National Cancer Control Foundation, Ali Al-Kholani
   ِInterview with Chief Communication and Advocacy at Sana’a-based UNICEF office Naseem-ur-Rehman
   ِInterview with Commander of Yemeni Coast Guard Forces Ali Ahmed Ras’ee
   ِInterview with Sheikh Abdul Majeed Al-Zindani, President of Al-Eman University
   ِInterview with Yemen Women Media Forum Chairwomen, Rahmah Hugaira
   ِInterview with Engineer and Inventor Ghamdan Ahmed Al-Anesi
   ِInterview with Saadaldeen Bin Talib, Supreme National Anti Corruption Committee Member (SNACC)
   Interview with Islah Opposition Member of Parliament Fuad Dahaba
   Interview with Head of Orphans Sector at Al-Saleh Charitable Society for Development Huda   Al-Yaf’ee
   Interview with Islah Charitable Society Secretary General Dr. Abdul Majeed Farhan
   Interview with Khaled Al-Anesi, Human Rights Activist
   Interview with Peter Dimitroff, Country Director of NDI’s Program in Yemen
   Interview with Yahya Al-Dailami Suspected Houthi Spiritual Leader
   Interview with Mohammed Qahtan, Islah Opposition Party Leader
   Interview with Abdullah Ghanim, Head of the Political Circle for the Ruling Party (GPC)
   Interview with an Al-Qaeda Leader in Yemen Rashad Mohammed Saeed Ismael
   Interview with MP Sakhr Al-Wajih
   Guantanamo Prisoner Tells his Story
    Interview with Mr. David Reses, one of the head lawyers who represent the over 120 Yemenis still imprisoned in Guantanamo Prison
   Interview with Head of Yemeni Teachers’ Syndicate, Mr.Ahmed Al-Rabahi
   Interview with Sheikh Hussien Al-Ahmar