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Head of Ruling Party ; Media breaks in Socialist Party Headquarter
  Written By: Wafa Khamis (YEMEN POST)
  Article Date:
September 08, 2008



Head of the ruling party media circle Tarek Al-Shami mentioned in a press conference that he hoped to hear a new vision from the Joint Meeting Party (JMP) leadership, instead of the repeated speeches again and again. “Unfortunately all they say are the same words again and again,” he said.

Al-Shami who was supposed  to attend the JMP press conference  as a guest had a different plan. Prior to the JMP conference, he decided to go up the podium without permission from the JMP, and started his own conference. He accused them of being behind all devastation in the country, the war in Sada’a, and the escalation in the southern governorates. He claimed that their negative speeches are the main reason of the sectarianism and the separation in the south, adding that they support street burglars and corrupted people wherever they might be found.

Mohammed Al-Sabri, a Nasserite leader and also JMP spokesperson, canceled the conference, and ordered Al-Shami to leave the platform and find another place to finish his speech; furthermore, he described his way as a political and moral insolvency.

He condemned the way the Ruling Party uses to destroy and devastate most JMP conferences, which shows where the ruling party reached in political and moral insolvency, and the way that Al-Shami used is just a sign of how the ruling party deals with others.

The JMP announced that although they will not accept the ruling party conditions, they will not boycott the elections. The head of the Supreme Council for the JMP Abdul Wahab Al-Anesi added that the last changes in the elections rules in parliament are surely against democratic practices.

“If the new elections will be as bad as the last elections, then this will be a black dot for democracy in Yemen,” he said. 

He concluded that the JMP doesn’t want any new crisis because they as parties have their own development projects for the country, and have no plans to hurt it, as in the case of the ruling party.