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   Imprisonment in Yemen: Tragic Conditions of Inmates  -

Under Yemen's constitution the Islamic Sharia law remains the only source for legislation in the country.

   Taiz Dump Poses Endless Risks to Residents -

Garbage dumps pose a great risk and crime for hundreds of people in Taiz. The environmental horror triangle lies in the smoke released by the factories and their chemical dumps as well as garbage dumps and their epidemic remains. The third thing is sanitation pool.

   Sa'ada: Suspended Reconstruction Operations

Despite the fact that Sa'ada clashes involving Houthi rebels and the state army stopped seven months ago; reconstruction operation and deliverance of human relief materials for displaced locals are still unachievable.

   Interior Ministry Fails to Arrest Perpetrators; Dr. Al-Qadasi's Killers Still at Large

Background: A group of armed tribesmen attacked late last month Dr. Derhim Al-Qadasi, the head of Incentive Care Unit at Science and Technology University Hospital and lecturer at Dhamar University, by stabbing him from behind several times using a Jambyah.

   The Poor Ponder at Saleh’s Mosque

“I scratch my head in surprise when I see Al-Saleh Mosque,” said 42 year-old farmer Ali Najee Thabet.

   Family Inheritance made Gaza summit incomplete; Yemen and Egypt on Top of the List

According to sources, one of the main reasons for the absence of some Arab leaders at the Doha Summit on Gaza two weeks ago was mainly tied to power inheritance ambitions of leaders of some Arab republics as they are enthusiastically paving the way for their sons to come to power after them. 

   Marriage Choice for Women in Yemen: Early Marriage or No Marriage

"I 'm not young anymore to get married. I am in my late thirties so it is not easy," said 38 year-old and primary school teacher Mona.

   Yemeni-German Intercultural Dialogue Project:More History and Less Dialogue

Aiming to boost dialogue between the western world and Islamic world, the Embassy of the Federal Republic of Germany and Sana'a University organized the Yemeni-German Intercultural Project.

   The Dark Future of Yemen's Ruling Party and Opposition

The ruling party, the General People Congress (GPC), is going alone in the forthcoming parliamentary elections; however, it announces from time to time different initiatives and mediation efforts and leaks information to friendly media to slander the Joint Meeting Parties (JMP), accusing them of being agents and disloyal.

   New Training for Army as Elections Near: Governmental Soldiers on High Alert

As the fourth parliamentary elections since the 1990 reunification near, the Ministries of Defense and Interior are urging the military and all security forces to be on high alert to pave the way for a successful April 27 parliamentary elections.

   First Terms Elapses; More Time outside Classes and Unfinished Curricula

The first term elapsed while many students spent their days still searching for their teachers, books or on skipping classes.

   Reading Crisis among Yemeni Citizens

According to a latest report on education by the Adult Education and Illiteracy Eradication Authority at the Ministry of Education, there are over 5 million illiterates in Yemen of which males make up 33.3 percent and females represent 66.7 percent.

   Shar'ab Al-Rawnah between Government Negligence and Sheikhs' Oppression

If you wish to visit Taiz's Shar'ab Al-Rawnah district, you need to smell what the garbage dumps that Shar'ab has to offer. Simply, the garbage of Taiz city, companies and factories are dumped in the area.

   Search for Pornographic Material on Rise; Children are most Vulnerable

The search for bad material surpasses by far the search for useful and good things available on the internet for many in Yemen. According to Google Trends, Arabs are ranked first concerning search for sex and other linked material.

   Yemen ... Legacy of Sick Man and Powerless Progeny

Yemen has a strategic location; however, there has been constant increase of weakness points and waste of strength factors. The strategic location is connected with the interests of regional and international powers.

   Yemeni Jews … From Creation to The Magic Carpet Operation

According to many historical sources, Yemeni Jews have been living in the country peacefully for hundreds of years.

   Selling Garbage to Live

In nearly every city in Yemen, waste collectors can be seen collecting household waste from edges of streets, commercial and industrial waste from garbage containers, and litter from streets. These workers whether men, women, or children make a living collecting, sorting, recycling, and selling materials thrown away by others.

   Top Ten Events of 2008

Below is a summary of the most significant events that have overshadowed the lives of citizens and badly affected the Yemeni economy, security and tourism. This selection is based on a survey conducted by the Yemen Post which included pressmen, politicians, thinkers, common people, etc. It is also made according to the extent of media coverage and attention given by people to these events.

   Ruling Party Proceeds in Preparations for Elections, US State Department Concerned

Stalling negotiations between the key political forces and delaying the local elections have alarmed the European Union delegation and the U.S. State Department and prompted them to call upon these forces to shoulder the responsibility and work for making the forthcoming elections a great success.

   Higher Education in Suspension: Difficulties and Disorganization

Overcrowded classrooms, insufficient and ineffective staff resources, deteriorating infrastructure, inadequate educational materials and equipment, and low preparation for graduates, are some of the great challenges students face at the university level.

   Music with Chewing Qat Stress Relievers for Some

The rate of people suffering from endless frustration has been increasing over the years which in return made the need for some forms of stress management tools that people can use daily necessary.

   Price Hikes Add more Misery during Eid Season

"Everything is expensive. You could say that everything has doubled since last year. Pensioners like me could not buy all they need for Eid. My salary is just YR 30,000. I spent it all on buying a small sheep head, sweets and raisin. Now, I have no more money to buy clothes for my wife and children," said pensioner Abdul Wahed Al-Akwa'.

   Yemen Badly Needs Law for Information Freedom

Most Yemenis know that property means their cars, houses, bags, etc; however, they do not know that information would be a property too, according to the legal consultant of Green Peace Organization.

   Sa'ada Children Suffer Severe Psychological Problems Sa'ada, Study Says

Sa'ada children suffer severe psychological and behavioral problems resulting from the bad experiences of the four-year war in the province, according to a field study by Siyaj Organization for Childhood Protection.

   Western naval ships in region may tell another thing, but not alleged war on piracy

The American and European movement in the Red Sea, the Gulf of Aden and the Arab Sea points to an international plan implemented under the slogan of "Combating Piracy" and leads later to a British dominance of the sea trade routes through the Red Sea and Bab Al-Mandab Strait, which is one of the most strategic straits linking Asia, Africa and Europe

   Al-Moayyad Asks about Poor People from behind Bars

Since 2003, Sheikh Mohammed Al-Moayyad has been detained in American prisons away from his family and relatives. The poor people and children who are emotionally connected to him because he used to care after them through the assistance rendered by the Al-Ehsan Charitable Center are no lefy hopeless.

   Women not Free to Choose in Elections; Follow Family Opinion, Study says

According to a study conducted by Woman Leadership Forum,   women are not free to choose their own candidates during the different local, parliamentary or presidential elections.

   Money Laundering Badly Affects Economies; Eleven Cases Recorded in Yemen

According to economic experts, money laundering is among the risks that afflict economies and, sometimes, leads to the collapse of economic systems. However, the spread of this phenomenon is different from one country to another.

   Education: Improper Spending and Poor Outputs

Yemen in 1990 had only two universities: one in Sana'a and another in Aden. However, there was an expansion in higher education during the late 1990s, when more universities were established in Taiz, Hodeidah, Ibb, Hadramout and Dhamar.

   Yemen Antiques under Vandalism, Theft and Destruction

Yemen enjoys being a country where many civilizations emerged & extinguished. Many archeological sites spread throughout the country and discoveries throughout the country prove the important role Yemen played in the ancient era.

   Yemen on the Path of Reform; Achievements and Challenges

Four years ago, when I gave my first interview to the Yemen Times, I highlighted the following key challenges facing Yemen: economic diversification, fiscal sustainability, human resources development, population control and management of scarce water resources. These challenges remain as valid today as then because they are long term structural issues which cannot be overcome overnight.

   Political Conflict Hampered Relief Efforts in Eastern Provinces

The recent statements of the ruling party and opposing Joint Meeting Parties (JMP) leaderships do reveal the gap extent between them, especially when both sides are exchanging accusations over exploiting floods disaster that afflicted eastern and western provinces for their political interests, giving less attention to the huge human and marital damages.

   Corruption: Problem Related to Small Group, or Infectious Disease Sweeping across all Aspects of Life -

The reality of corruption penetrating all sides of political, economic, social and ethical behavior is very obvious to the naked eye.

   Political Conflict Surfaces, Government Presents Detailed Report about Flood Damages

The human disaster that afflicted the eastern provinces and the subsequent relief acts have caused a massive political crisis as the opposition Islah Party accuses the ruling party of using the relief to help them in the next parliamentary elections which are due to be held in less than six month, rather than helping those in most need.

   Southern and Election Crises Hurting Ruling Party's Credibility

During the last stages of the electoral period, opposition parties' represented by the Joint Meeting Parties JMP, have been unable to pull out real gains, claiming that the voters' will has been confiscated by the ruling party, and freedom is on its way of being extinct.

   Qat Poses Threats to Yemen's Food Security, Says Agriculture Minister

Qat badly affects health; however, there has been no systematic study into the risks of Qat on health. It was revealed recently that Qat treated with pesticides is a key factor in the increased numbers of cancer in Yemen.

   Superpowers Deploy Warships to Aden Gulf to Fight Piracy; Yemen Worried

Several warships and launches are deployed to the Gulf of Aden and the Indian Ocean under the pretext of fighting the Somali pirates and protecting commercial ships that pass by.

   State Officials Responsible for Land Theft; Weaker Citizens Suffer and Stay Hopeless

Last week, hundreds marched in protest to the organized theft of lands that takes place by state officials and high-ranking security and military officers. Locals in many governorates claim that their lands were looted, and because they are weak they cannot do nothing to get their property back.

   On Going War between Yemen and the Third Generation of Al-Qaeda  New Tactics, Targets and Weapons

Two weeks ago, Al-Qaeda's new attack that killed security director and son of one of Mareb tribe's Sheikhs, Mohamed Rabish Kielan, revealed Al-Qaeda's experience in using booby-trapped letters for attacking personals.

   Family Section at Restaurants: Turning Destructive to Society

Over the last ten years, family sections in restaurants have become so popular and wide spread that a restaurant which does not offer such a service could be avoided and lose wanted business.

   Suzuki announces 2009 model Grand Vitara to enhance performance and comfort with key modifications

Suzuki Motor Corporation (SMC) has announced the launch of the 2009 model Grand Vitara to enhance the SUV’s overall performance, looks and comfort.

   As Qat Prices Increase On Occasions, People Still Continue to Buy it

During occasions in Yemen, the number of people who buy qat increase, therefore resulting in the prices to double or even triple.

   Somalis Awaiting Either Tough Solution or Safe Journey, as War Continues in their Country

Yemen called on the International community to find a political solution to the Somali crisis, insisting on solving the Somali refugees' issue in Yemen, as it has become a hazardous phenomenon that effects Yemen economically and socially.

   The Faculty of High Heels! Sana’a University: More Mixing than Education

The Faculty of Arts has been for long dubbed the faculty of high heels, as male students claim that females go there to show off the latest styles and fashion. With the spread of education among women, citizens fear that women will not only educate themselves, but also lose important cultural values that could eventually change the look of this long seen conservative middle eastern country.

   Yemeni Raisin Farmers Lose as Domestic Market Gets Dumped by Chinese Products

Yemeni raisin growers have faced increased losses this year, partly because the grape harvesting was a bit late and the unprecedented increase in its prices in the domestic markets.

   In Public Schools, Students Struggling to Speak English

Public school students studying English have unfortunate speaking skills as speaking is the least of students' skills at all levels according to language experts, though it is one of the most important.

   U.S. State Department's Report: Yemen Respected Religious Freedom

According to 2008 religious freedoms report issued by the U.S. Foreign Department, the Yemeni government respected religious freedoms and its policies contributed to the general practice of religious rituals.

   In a Symposium:  Yemeni press should be free from any shortcomings and should work with Perfection

In a symposium organized by Al-Tagheer.net and supported by the National Yemen Democracy Foundation, participants called on media and pressmen to respect journalistic morals and intellectuals' rights. Also they called on intellectuals to fight journalists who steal other information from colleagues, or pictures.

   Sambowsa: Constant Presence in Fasters' Memories

During the blessed month of Ramadan, popular eatables reserve their place in the memory of fasters. One of those Ramadan eatables is the famous Sambowsa.

   22 percent never check expiry date of products; Citizens Resort to Cheap Commodities

Amidst the waves of increase in food prices, Yemenis, especially the poor and limited-income citizens, face difficulties in covering the needs of their family members.

   Women: Constant Disappointment and False Promises by Parties

As early as July, thousands of scholars held a grand gathering in Sana'a and aimed at promoting and establishing an authority for protecting virtue and combating vice in Yemen after they felt that virtue and morals were in danger. They authority was named Virtue Promotion and Vice Prohibition Authority.

   Ruling Party Harshly Lashes at Opposition Parties

In preparations for the upcoming parliamentary elections, GPC decided last month to keep the former Supreme Commission for Elections and Referendum (SCER) in place after it had failed to convince opposing Joint Meeting Parties (JMP) to name their new candidates to serve in SCER once they are approved by President Saleh.

   Al-Qaeda Changes Tactics;“We Denounce Targeting the Oil Industry whatever the excuse may be,” Al-Qaeda Leader Says

Though Yemen was facing unprecedented security threats on several fronts, the threats are now confined to Al-Qaeda after the rebellious Houthi insurgents in northern Sa'ada province were quelled.

   In Preparation for Heated Elections Season; GPC & JMP Exchange Accusations through Media

Opposition leaders considered the accusations published against them in the ruling party’s media outlets as impolite and unrealistic, as they assure that they entirely refuse the ruling party's way of ruling the country.

   Head of Ruling Party ; Media breaks in Socialist Party Headquarter

Head of the ruling party media circle Tarek Al-Shami mentioned in a press conference that he hoped to hear a new vision from the Joint Meeting Party (JMP) leadership, instead of the repeated speeches again and again. “Unfortunately all they say are the same words again and again,” he said.

   Trade Balance Overweigh Gulf States over Yemen

As soon as Ramadan  nears, the demand over staples and food commodities by Yemeni families increased markedly.

   Poor People Suffering Increases as Prices Rocket: Rural Area Residents Most Affected

Prices of food staples in Yemen have increased over the last two years 40 percent more than  the international level increase, and these increases have overshadowed the lives of poor and limited-income citizens, according to a recent study.

   Saleh Seeks to Win Pressmen’s Loyalty

President Ali Abdullah Saleh resorted to addressing media outlets through a press conference organized by the ruling party, the General People Congress (GPC) to clarify some points relating to the stalled dialogues with the opposition parties represented in Joint Meeting Parties (JMP).

   As Ramadan Approaches; Diesel and Gas Crisis Swell

"Lack of diesel in petrol stations  forced me to stop my car and to give up searching after my living. Now, I am spending from my savings. How much more can we take?" questioned taxi driver Khalid Al-Hababi.

   Situation of Yemeni Workforce in GCC Facing Shameful Conditions, Study Says

Integrating Yemen into the Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC) was for long outside anyone’s calculation. However, politicians see that different regional and international changes have made GCC officials rethink Yemen joining the council.

   Proposed Constitutional Amendments to Harm the Country More than Help it; Politicians Say -

In a symposium entitled Critical Reading in the Constitutional Amendments, politicians criticized the constitutional amendments draft that President Saleh referred to Al-Shora Council (SC) for more consultations.

   Leaving 'Constitutional Vacuum'; SCER's Formation not Resolved

Forming the Supreme Commission for Elections and Referendum (SCER) has been widely debated by the General People Congress (GPC)  ruling party, and the opposition parties known as Joint Meeting Parties (JMP).

   Yemen Continues ‘War on Terror’; Needs more International Understanding and Support

More than five years ago, Yemen launched a program to face and fight terrorism, hoping to uproot it from the country. This program included military cooperation with U.S. agencies and the international community.

   Ruling Party not Serious with Opposition Dialogue, Study Says;Forms New Coalition

The Yemeni Center for Strategic Studies (YCSS) on Sunday launched its annual report for 2007 that dealt with issues including public protests, war in Sa’ada, and dialogue between political parties over forming election committee and election amendments, and the ruling party's coalition with the Opposition National Council.

   Differences in Yemen Gives Political Sides Chance to mix its Cards

There has been feverish competition to benefit from the different problems the country has been facing. This competition involves governmental parties, tribes, and Salafi doctrine followers.

   Early Marriage Still Damaging lives of Young Girls Reem and Nujood Telling their Terrifying Marriage Stories

Arrived veiled, surrounded by two women from the left and right. Once she saw her mom, she simply jumped into her arms crying, as she also hugged her uncle seeking protection.

   Sa’ada and Bani Hushaish: Pomegranates and Grapes in Fierce War Zone

It is the war which was described some 1,500 years ago by the Arab poet Zuhair bin Abi Sulma and it will remain the same over eras and in all places.

   Shoura Council: Half of Yemen’s Population Deprived of Electricity

In its report, the Local Authority and Services Committee at Shoura Council revealed that 43 percent of Yemen's population are still deprived of electricity.

   Lawsuit against Sales Tax Law Goes Forward

The Chamber of Commerce and Industry filed a lawsuit against President Saleh and other executive members including the Prime Minister, Minister of Finance, Head of Tax Authority and Minister of Legal Affairs as well as the legislative authority represented in Parliament's Speaker.

   Coeducation between Acceptance and Rejection

Over the last five years, males and females have been seen increasingly coexisting together in workplaces, commercial establishments, state institutions and other places. They also study, travel together from one place to another inside and outside the country.

   Women Sexual Harassment on Rise; Preachers Consider it Part of General Degrade

Sexual harassment against women in workplaces and streets has become widespread in Yemen. It has also become a source of interest for researchers.

   Tent Wedding: Cheaper, Easier, and Practical

Wedding ceremonies in Yemen are not much different from those of other Arab countries; however, they are much different from weddings just years ago.

   Violence against Women and Street Children on Rise

Yemeni parliament approved some amendments related to crimes and punishment law numbered 12 of 1994. These amendments make the law adaptable to international human rights treaties endorsed by Yemen, especially those relating to women and children.

   Yemeni-Saudi Relations Improve: Differences and challenges hinder further development

Despite the different challenges hindering the cooperation between Yemen and Saudi Arabia, the latter has recently started to be more active with the Royal Office Representative Mohammed Al-Hadithi inaugurating the commercial attaché headquarters in Yemen.

   Wives Mothering Husbands; Housewives' Complain of another Responsibility

Yemeni women spend long hours on childcare, cooking, cleaning, shopping, and doing laundry for their family, giving them no time to relax.

   Weapon Ban Strategy Successful Until now: Dealers Handing in their Weapons

Two weeks ago, Yemen took its biggest step yet in fighting the existence of weapons as a nationwide campaign begun with a goal to close down all weapon shops throughout the country. Until today, 209 weapon shops have been closed down.

   Governors Elections as Viewed by Former Governor

On May 17, elections were conducted to elect the mayor of the capital and governors for other 20 provinces. These elections were debated for long and it was boycotted by Joint Meeting Parties.

   Cheating in Exams;Students, Teachers, and Friends Involved

The Secretary General of the Supreme Council for Planning Education Saylan Al-Sayri assured that cheating in exams has become a danger that threats the existing educational system and the future of the country.

   Summer Vacation Causes Concern for Parents

As soon as summer vacation approaches, parents' concern about their children starts to augment as fathers prepare for such vacations in different ways.

   Akhdam: Centuries Pass But Bad Situation Staying the Same

Centuries have passed and years have elapsed while Akhdam, people of African origin, still live in tin houses and places which are neither clean, nor appropriate for human beings to live in.

   European Delegation Seeks to Resolve Tension between GPC and JMP

Forming the Supreme Commission for Elections and Referendum has been for long a debated issue between the ruling party – General People Congress (GPC) – and the opposition parties – Joint Meeting Parties (JMP), coalition of opposing parties which includes leftists and Islamists.

   Loans Wasted by Officials, Report Says; Financial Support Going to the Wrong Hands

A report by the Central Administration for Control and Auditing revealed numerous shortcomings as for the establishment of technical and vocational institutes.

   Yemeni Children Face Endless Challenges in Years to Come

Though children form up nearly 50 percent of Yemen's population estimated to be over 22 million, they are not given the required attention and care. Children face numerous challenges including death of preventable diseases, early marriage, child smuggling and labor.

   Education is Key Factor for Gender Empowerment

In its 2007 report, the Geneva-based World Economic Forum ranked Yemen last (128) as to the Global Gender Gap and estimated the gap in overall rankings to be 45 percent.

   Even with Low Consumption Nationwide, Lack of Water Endangers Yemenis' Future

Yemeni rural areas seem to have more sufferings in getting safe drinking water; however, their suffering cannot be compared with fear over the future of water resources, especially when they depend on the annual rainfall more than underground water for their crops.

   Authority for Promotion of Virtue and Suppression of Vice: Controversy Continues

Amidst constant controversy and war of words between supporters and opponents, attempts to establish the Authority for Promotion of Virtue and Suppression of Vice have failed. Such a controversy was reported in media and electronic websites.

   Governors try to Earn Respect of Citizens after Elections

Twenty governors were elected for assuming reasonability in 20 different provinces and the capital Sana’a. Only eight provinces witnessed competitive elections, while it was no more than an uncontested win in others as there were no rivals.

   Government Pleads to Religious Groups to Promote Values and Toleration in Yemen

In a symposium themed “Religious and Political Toleration in Yemen” and organized by the Cultural Bridges Forum (CBF), the participants called on the religious, cultural and political institutions as well as media, political parties and civil society organizations to work for promoting the values of toleration and peaceful coexistence.

   Old Taxi Owners Complain of Business Competition from big Officials

A new taxi company known as Marhba has been recently introduced. The company started to rival Raha taxi which was introduced before more than two years ago. Both companies are owned by senior Yemeni businessmen.

   National Solidarity Council Urges Government to Save the Country; Reveals its Strategy to end Crisis in Yemen

Ongoing problems throughout a large number of governorates has influenced the National Solidarity Council to come up with strategies that could help the country escape the dangers it is confronted with.

   Educated Woman Finding Difficulties to Get Married

Since the boom of education in Yemen during the early 90's, women have played a strong role in improving the country’s situation by educating themselves, therefore giving them a better chance to a prosperous life.

   Young Girls Still Struggling for Education in Yemen

The UN Children’s Fund (UNICEF) reported that two out of three women in Yemen are illiterate and nearly half of primary school age girls do not go to school. Getting access to education, even primary school education, is one of the biggest challenges facing children in Yemen, especially girls.

   NDI Launches its Campaign Aiming to Fight Revenge Killing

The National Democratic Institute (NDI) in collaboration with the Supreme National Committee for Fighting Revenge Killing (SNCFRK) launched the first national campaign aiming to fight revenge killing through three private societies in Mareb, Al-Jawf and Shabwa.

   Survey: Yemenis Against Electing Woman as Governor and Prefer Governors to be their Locals

The Yemen Polling Center (YPC) conducted a recent two-day survey in six different provinces to assess the public awareness as for the election of the mayor of Sana’a and governors of provinces.

   Intellectuals Differ on Yemen’s Freedom Development

The declaration of Yemeni Unity in 1990 was  considered by Yemeni academics and intellectuals to be the first corner stone for democratic practices. However, 18 years later the country has only taken baby steps in achieving its democratic goals, as it has not yet reached international democratic standers.

   Smuggling of Yemen’s Monuments Continue; Foreign Oil Experts Involved

The arresting of a foreign expert belonging to a giant oil company working in Yemen at Sana'a International Airport for smuggling antiques and monuments have aroused a lot of questions on the mechanisms relating to the work of these companies in archeological sites, and the role to be played by the concerned authorities including oversight of their works and the mechanism to protect this priceless wealth.

   Official Report Exposes Reasons for Country's Economic Deterioration

In 'Poverty Alleviation and Unemployment Reduction' report recently released, Consultative (Shoura) Council exposed its vision aiming to get out of the dark tunnel; however, some parts especially those that address the real situation of the Yemeni economy have been deleted.

   Yemeni Illegal Immigration to Saudi Arabia on the Increase : Illegal Immigrant Tells his Story

Thousands of Yemenis infiltrate into Saudi Arabia and the Emirates monthly to secure livelihood for themselves and their families behind them, mainly due to the hard economic situation they live through in Yemen.

   Yemen in Need for Economic Reforms: Citizens Suffering Mounts

In a workshop named 'Democratic Reform in Yemen and its Economic and Social Impact'  organized by Information and Human Rights Center, participants stressed on the importance of having economic reforms whose success is conditioned by making comprehensive political reforms.

   Siyage Organization Vows to End Early Marriage: Nujood’s Case Opens Doors for Change

Najaud is one of the early marriage victims who got married at the age of eight. Like Najaud, thousands of Yemeni female children get married early causing physical and metal damage to young girls.

   4698 People Died in Revenge Killings Over 10 Years

Latest field study on revenge killing mention that 4698 people have been killed during the last ten years due to revenge killing. This number comes a shock to most Yemenis, as they used to consider weapons part of culture and not a weapon to kill.

   Yemen Faces Energy Crisis as Electricity Problems Aggravate

Yemeni electricity sector have been witnessing a dangerous crisis, mainly of the inordinate growth of population and increased residential and commercial activities accompanied with a stronger  demand for energy.

   WFP Warns of Price Increase; Yemenis Difficulties Deepen

Earlier this year, Yemen seen large and occasionally violent crowds standing in line for hours in an effort to buy cheap wheat form the Yemeni Economic Corporation, especially poor and limited-income employees.

   Children Beaten and Harassed in Public Schools

Studies reveal that beating children in schools is not tolerated in many countries around the world as a method to control students. Yemen is one of the countries where beating is widely used to teach and educate school children.

   Yemeni Highways: Between Deterioration and Repair

In preparation of patching and repairing 950 km of asphalt roads nationwide by Highways Repair Fund, observers and citizens notice that most Yemeni roads and highways stretching over 12,500 km are in poor or mediocre condition and badly in need for repair, maintenance and patching.

   The Road to Al-Jawf; Unchanged Province Over Centuries

Modeled after the famous TV serial 'the Road to Kabul', it came my title and reportage about the road to Al-Jawf Province, some 140 km northwest of the capital Sana'a.

   Yemenis Disagree over Forming SCER; Know Little About Differences, Says Study

Forming the Supreme Commission for Elections and Referendum (SCER), has been one of the most debated issues over the last few months between the ruling party, the General People Congress (GPC) and the opposition parties represented by Joint Meeting Parties (JMP).

   Visa Marriages: Going to America through Marriage

Since the mid eighties, Yemeni Americans have used their daughters as a way to help other families enter the United States, in search for a better future. Fathers would bring home their Yemeni American daughter and have her choose from the many that come to ask for her hand in marriage. In most situations, the marriage stays in the family and cousins and relatives are given priority over others.

   Violence against Prisoners and Journalists in Mahweet

Though the country has seen an increased number of newspapers and websites, dozens of editors and journalists are exposed to attacks. Moreover, pressmen were jailed and others were threatened to be killed.

   Ruling Party and Opposition Exchange Accusations over Southern Provinces Issues

The recent events in the south of Yemen have disclosed part of the crisis between the opposition parties, represented in Joint Meeting Parties (JMP) and the ruling party, General People Congress (GPC) especially following the media fuss and statements distributed by both parties.

   Couples Still Prefer to Marry Relatives

Relative marriage is accelerating as the percentage of relative marriages in Yemen is 47.5%. This comes higher than all Arab countries, as in Saudi and Palestine  the number is at 40%, and 38% in Kuwait and Egypt.

   Working Women Face Discrimination and Hardships

An international report by World Union for Labor Unions unemployment is six times higher among women than their fellow men. The same applies to Yemen where two thirds are unemployed.

   Democracy under Extreme Islamic Parties

In a symposium organized by Female Journalists without Borders Organization themed “-Islamists and Democracy in Yemen”, guests fiercely attacked some extreme Islamic streams.

   Corruption Scandal in Aden Terminal

In a symposium organized by Al-Tagheer.net, economic experts stressed that government should bring the agreement relating to operating and developing Aden Container Terminal before parliament for discussion, and demanded it to act responsibly with this issue because the terminal is of vital economic importance to the country.

   International Report Criticizes Yemen’s Oppression Against Media and Journalists

Amman Center for Human Rights directed harsh criticism to Yemen for failing to observe human rights together with the continuing setback of freedom in the country.

   Revenge Killings Pose Risks to Development in Tribal Areas

Revenge killing and tribal conflicts are key obstacles for  achieving sustainable development in tribal areas, and they also deprive tribes from perusing their university education, especially when these conflicts extend to include universities, public facilities, cities, public markets and roads.

   Child Abuse: More Struggles for the Younger Generation

A new study revealed that violence against children by the most loved ones could turn them to be violent in their future, hinting that children always expect protection and care from those who are around them.

   Saleh & Opposition: Crisis Grows and No Solution Ahead

A number of political analysts have for months declared the existence of a political crisis between the ruling party, the General People Congress (GPC) and opposition parties represented by the Joint Meeting Parties (JMP) prior to the parliamentary elections due to be conducted on April 2009.

   Dear Uncle, Help me Find my Mother

Mohammed Ahmed Mansour Al-Sanafi was brought up in a family who he  considered to be his, and a mother he thought was his. However, this did not  last for long because he came later to know that his real mother was in Europe.

   Traffic Accidents Claim More Lives

Over 2007, traffic accidents claimed the lives of 340 citizens and injured 4278 others, of those 1981 critically, according to a report issued recently by the General Traffic Administration.

   Polygamy Marriage Seeing More Acceptance in Society

Polygamy is between acceptance and rejection and has been a source of controversy between Muslims and Non-Muslims. When Islamic culture allows man to marry more than one woman and up to four at the same time, other cultures do not accept such a concept and considers it to be unfaithfulness in the part of husband.

   Al-Ja'ashin's Still Lost: President Saleh Demands Investigations to Sheikh Mansour's Complaints

Some of them were leaning on a stone chewing qat, others stretched their clothes on one of the corners to sleep. Those were the Al-Ja’ashin, near Ibb, who protested last Monday in front of the Local Administration Ministry because of their Sheikh Mohamed Ahmed Mansour's high demands for taxes. 

   Surviving the Desert to Saudi Lands

Over 60,000 Yemenis infiltrate into Saudi Arabia every year to search for work and money, according to official statistics. Nearly all pay human smugglers small financial amounts to get them across the border as some even risk dying on the way to get there.

   Kidnappings Continue to Grow:Families Call for Action

Students Abdullah Ali Al-Kumaim, 14, and Mohammed Yahya Al-Kumaim, 17, are still detained by a group of tribal people belonging to Sana'a province's Bani Dhabian district; while their families suffer a lot under the forced absence of their children and the continuous threats by kidnappers to kill them.

   Media Liberation: Popular Demand Faced with Official Challenges

Several civil society and freedom organizations as well as citizens condemned the recent agreement signed by the Arab Information Ministers aiming to impose strict measures and regulations on satellite channels, especially those with national, neutral and independent tendencies, mostly Al-Jazeera, Al-Aqsa and Al-Mannar satellite channels.

   Al-Ja'ashins Seek Freedom from their Sheikh, Camp in Media Women Forum  

Around 90 people from Al-Sabyayin, Al-Ja'ashin area, off Ibb, camped this week in the Media Women Forum's front yard after they received no response to their protest which was held earlier in front of the parliament against the injustice of their tribal sheikh, Mohammed Ahmed Mansour.

   Languishing at the Bottom of Yemen’s Ladder

By day, they sweep the streets of the Old City, ragged, dark-skinned men in orange jump suits. By night, they retreat to fetid slums on the edge of town.

   Two Weeks Later:Valentine Day Celebrations Still a Controversy

Valentine's Day was different this year, as the country witnessed a large campaign by preachers calling the celebration of the day forbidden. The controversy grew as Valentine's Day this year was made special with the visit of famous Syrian-Bahraini Singer Asalah Nasri, however, it caused Al-Qaeda to issue its first threats connecting to Valentine's Day.

   Help Choose Yemen’s National Bird

Yemen is in the process of choosing its national bird.  Of the more than 400 different bird species that are known to occur in Yemen, local experts have narrowed the choice down to four.

   Out of 4.5 Million Students in Basic Education:Less Than 6% Make it to College

"I traveled to Saudi after high school to work and support my family who live in the village. I wanted to go to college, but my family needs my support," said Fares Al-Ezzi, a Yemeni high school graduate who works in a mall in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia.

   Tribal Coalitions Outside Official System

Since the beginning of 2008, different conferences in tribal areas have taken place creating rare tribal coalitions as a result of the ongoing tension and developments in the country.

   Yemen Tourism Suffers: Terrorism Badly Affecting Tourism

''When my father died, my mother married another man and left us alone. We have uncles but they were not very nice to us. We were forced to leave our house and to go to cities in search for livelihood," said Essam who is 11 years and has two younger brothers.

   Child Labor and Mortality Continue to Increase

''When my father died, my mother married another man and left us alone. We have uncles but they were not very nice to us. We were forced to leave our house and to go to cities in search for livelihood," said Essam who is 11 years and has two younger brothers.

   Civil Society Organizations: Flexing their Muscles

Over the last five years, the government has been putting more pressure and restrictions on civil society organizations, as a large number were refused license by government. According to the law, citizens have the right to open organizations and no restrictions nor conditions exist, except that its practices do not go against the Yemeni law.


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