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Some Parents Have No Business Being Parents at All!
  Written By: Sonzahbishez
  Article Date:
October 20, 2008



Do These People Stop to Think About How They're Poisoning Their Children's Minds?

A Look into How Poor Parenting Can Lead to a Child's Misunderstanding of What Love and a Healthy Relationship Should Look Like

I often find myself thinking that some parents really have no business being parents at all. Whether it's the various forms of intentional abuse or unintentional abuse, I cringe as I wonder what the future holds for some of these children. Parenting is an extremely delicate responsibility that many people seem rather apathetic about. Some sociopathic and sadistic people will even opine that they feel they have the God given right to mess up their children and I vehemently disagree!

What I'm addressing here today is a form of unintentional abuse that might seem quite harmless at first glance, but in the long run, it can play a major part in a person's inability to make smart decisions as they're selecting a mate. I think that many parents don't realize that they are in fact their child's number one roll model, their teacher and their primary educator of what love and relationships are all about. Through a process known as Childhood Emotional Programming, parents largely contribute to a child's basic understanding of such things which likewise often points the child towards the path in life they'll initially travel.

Childhood Emotional Programming is loosely defined as a process by which a child's thought processes, fundamental understandings and basic awareness are soft-wired into their egoic minds. Soft-wired because through time, it changes, grows, expands and evolves. And then one day as an adult, a person might experience something that causes them to look back into their childhood years studying their emotional programming in hopes of trying to understand possible reasons for the error of their ways. I'll use myself as an example to demonstrate this.

When I first discovered the concept of Childhood Emotional Programming early last year, I found myself constantly into my mind trying to uncover the lost memories that would explain the nature of my behavior until that point in time. The more memories I uncovered, the more I was horrified of what me and my life might have become if I where to have never come to this particular awareness. From that point on, my evolution forward had become far more substantial and meaningful.

While out walking recently and digging through the archives buried deep in my mind as I typically do, I remembered something an uncle said to me. I was young, likely fourteen or younger, and I just happened to ask an uncle why he happened to have married his (then) wife. He simply said, "Well, it's like this, we were both miserable and poor and so I just said to her, why don't we just get married and then we can be miserable and poor together?"

Being the stupid kid I was, my uncle's response was pretty much in one ear and out the other. But regardless of how cliché this expression may be, sometimes "things" have their way of leaving their scent of toxicity behind. In looking back an my own inadequacies in being able to effectively discern my compatibility with my ex-wife, is it possible that my uncle's expressed reasoning for getting married subconsciously contributed to my emotional programming and me thinking that an unhappy marriage was simply the way things ought to be?

I sometimes find myself saying to myself, it's simply no wonder. Regardless, I think my example demonstrates why it's important for parents and other adults to think first about how they're going to responds to a child's questions before just running off at the mouth with some toxic answer that could potentially poison a child's mind.

Wishing everyone a beautiful day!

Peace, Love and Harmony,,,