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   Some Parents Have No Business Being Parents at All!   -

Do These People Stop to Think About How They're Poisoning Their Children's Minds?A Look into How Poor Parenting Can Lead to a Child's Misunderstanding of What Love and a Healthy Relationship Should Look Like

   When Kids Help Out at  Home, It’s Good for Them

Why is it important to give youngsters responsibilities for jobs in and around the house? First of all, it can and should be helpful to busy working parents. Obviously, more work gets done if everyone has a job to do. But what purpose does it serve for the kids?

   Mastering The Art of Better Listening

Experts point out that every communication is really eight communications: what you mean to say, what you actually say, what the other person hears, what he thinks he hears, what he means to respond, what he actually responds, what you hear him say, and what you think you hear.

   Is your Child Discipline too Lax?

Modern psychology suggests that today's parents need to give their children room to develop their own mindsets and make personal decisions. We're told not to take them to church so they can choose a religion when they are older, yet how can they choose when they've never been taught any spiritual values?

   The argument for spanking vs. not spanking your child

The idea of corporal punishment for children can cause heated debates between its advocates and opponents. Here are some arguments that are used by both sides.

   What is Normal Development?

Development is given in a range of years. Each child develops as an individual. Ask yourself, are you expecting too much or too little?

   Being “In Control” The Possible and Impossible in Parenting

The Goal of Being a Learner

I think goals that parents can reasonably set for ourselves are:To enjoy our children

   How To Be A Better Husband

‘Marriage is that relation between man and woman in which the independence is equal, the dependence mutual, and the obligation reciprocal’. This quote by ‘Louis K. Anspacher’ totally sums up the meaning of marriage.

   Children, Chores, and Drudgery

By the time children are about 7, most parents have begun to think, “It’s about time she did a little work around here!” and the battles begin. “When are you going to feed the dog?” “That garbage needs to be taken out right now!” “Honey, how many times do I need to ask you to make your bed!”

   Underarm Temperature Reading

Taking the temperature of child presents a number of choices as well as some minor difficulties. There are a number of ways through which you can take the temperature of a child. The most popular amongst these methods are rectal method, auxiliary method and oral method.

   Toddler Overeating

Sometimes, we find that our little toddler is eating more than we do. We can call this habit as overeating, but the point is ‘Is it really overeating?”.

   What Is The Best Age To Start A Toddler In School

As an infant starts getting older, his parents start thinking about putting him in kindergarten or pre-school. The question that hounds almost all the parents is - what is the best age to start a toddler in school. This is because if the child is not prepared for going to school, it will have a negative effect on his learning abilities.

   Bed Wetting Solutions

‘Nocturnal Enuresis’ or ‘Bed Wetting’ (Sleep wetting) is a disorder where a person involuntarily urinates on the bed during night. It is very common in children under the age of five. Such a condition is very embarrassing for children when they get psychologically mature to understand the disgrace it brings.

   Biting, Pushing, Pulling Hair — Helping Children with Aggression

Has your child ever lashed out and hurt someone? Has she ever been bothered by another aggressive child? If your answer is "Yes," join the crowd! Almost all of us struggle with understanding and helping our children when they hurt others, and when they are hurt by other children.

   Healing the Hurt of Separation

Children thrive on connection with their parents. Their need for a sense of connection is strong and constant through childhood. It is this sense of safety and connection that allows children to learn at a great rate, to experiment and play so fully, to enjoy themselves and others without reservation, and to trust in the goodness of the people they know.

   How To Stop Breastfeeding

It is medically recommended that a baby be fed nothing but his /her mother’s breast milk for the initial six months after birth and that this nursing be continued for at least one year of life and after that, as long as it is mutually preferred by both the mother and the kid.

   Handling Children’s Feelings in Public Places

We live in a society that has a demanding and judgmental attitude toward parents and young children. Often, the attitude toward children in public is that they should be seen and not heard, that the parent should be “in control” of the child’s behavior, and that children who are having feelings in public are a nuisance.

   7 Things to do Instead of Spanking

Research confirms what many parents instinctively feel when they don’t like to spank their child, but they don’t know what else to do. The latest research from Dr. Murray Strauss at the Family Research Laboratory affirms that spanking teaches children to use acts of aggression and violence to solve their problems.

   Being “In Control” The Key to Parenting

Parents are expected to stay "in control" of their lives, their children, and themselves. Some major parts of this expectation are impossible to fulfill! But because there is no way to learn parenting skills and truths ahead of time, we parents struggle and worry when we don't seem to be "in control," or when being "in control" means being harsh with our children. Let's outline the things no parent can fully control.

   Answering Children’s Core Questions

Once they can speak, young children ask lots of questions. “What is on the moon?” “Why do we have to sleep?” “Where does the wind come from?” and a thousand other inquiries help children fill in their picture of how the world works.

   Bedtime Without Struggling

How can you, as a parent, give your child what he wants and needs and still have him go to bed in a timely manner?

   Saying “I Love You”

"I love you". Can any words possibly sound sweeter or offer greater comfort? Is any statement more natural--or necessary--between a parent and child? In many families, these words come easily. But if you grew up never hearing them, saying "I love you" may feel somewhat unnatural to you.

   Ten Keys to Successful Parenting

It is important that we discipline in a way that teaches responsibility by motivating our children internally, to build their self-esteem and make them feel loved. If our children are disciplined in this respect, they will not have a need to turn to gangs, drugs, or sex to feel powerful or belong.

   How Should Kids Be Punished

It is the sole duty of the parents to discipline their kids so that they grow up to be responsible individuals. The behavior instilled in kids during younger years forms the foundation of their personality.

   Helping Children Conquer Their Fears

A child becomes afraid when circumstances beyond her control, or circumstances she doesn't understand, rock her fragile sense of safety.  The process of development, birth, and growth in the first vulnerable years present many moments when a child's sense of safety is challenged.  And although we consider ourselves an "advanced" society, many children still face deeply isolating and even life-threatening situations early in their lives.

   Fathers Are Primary Parents!

Children love their Daddies! Your children love to hear your voice, to see you come in the door, to be next to you at the table, to play with you as long as you can possibly play! One father I know told me that his 15 month old climbed up on his and his wife's bed at 6 a.m. one morning, crawled over, peered in his face, and gently put her finger up his nostril! Your children want contact with you--all of you!

   Tips For Successful Marriage

Often, it does not take more than six months post one’s wedding to discover that something has changed drastically. You may feel that your partner is not paying you adequate attention, the distribution of household chores and responsibilities is unequal and so on. The reason giving rise to such feelings could be one and many.

   Helping Children Who Have Difficulty Sharing

Last month, we looked at the "I'll be with you while you wait" policy that we think helps children when they find themselves in competition for toys or attention. If you missed that article, you can find it here .

   10 ways to get your reluctant reader enthusiastic about books

When it comes to getting your kids to fall in love with reading, you’ve got to be proactive. Grab that young bull by the horns and get him reading by any means necessary! Make it fun, of course, but make it work as well.

   How to be a Super Dad without Having to be Super Dad

Being a loving and caring father and husband is the key to raising healthy, happy children. But even if your heart is with your family, there are always ways to improve – to go above and beyond for your kids. Here are eight helpful tips to become a Super Dad:

   How To Stay Calm

Releasing our anger in the wrong ways can lead to emotional and physical scars on our kids. When infants are shaken, even for one heated moment, they can die. And it takes only a moment to harm their little souls. Weeks ago, I snapped at my two-year-old. It was an instance that I thought would be forgotten after a hug and an apology. Until, that is, the next day when she kept asking, "Mommy, are you mad at me?" Even today, she can sense irritation in just the set of my jaw and she'll ask again.

   The Emotional and Behavioral Impact of Divorce & Separation

1. Children and Divorce

One of the myths that some adults like to perpetuate is that young children do not notice what is going on around them. Nothing could be further from the truth. Nevertheless, it comforts some parents to believe that if a mother or father leaves the home, the child will not suffer in anyway.

   The Importance of Play

With all that busy parents have to do, it sometimes might be easy to forget to sit down and play with your children. The purpose of this article is to extol the importance of play to children’s development and to give parents some tips on games and activities.

   Words of Encouragement and Praise

Children thrive on positive attention. Children need to feel loved and appreciated. Most parents find that it is easier to provide negative feedback rather than positive feedback. By selecting and using some of the phrases below on a daily basis with your child, you will find that he will start paying more attention to you and will try harder to please. Recent research shows that ADHD children may need more praise than the average child. Unfortunately, because of their behavior they often receive less.

   Understanding How You Currently  Play With Your Child

1.  Why Is Play So Important?

Play brings you closer to your children; it helps them to become more independent; they are more able to work problems out; to develop their own concentration and imagination. Key skills needed for life and learning at school.

   Bedtime: Getting Children to Bed and Staying There  

Situation: Bedtime around our house is a disaster. I beg, I plead, I threaten and I yell. By the time I finally get the kids settled for the night, I’m too tired to enjoy the rest of my evening. How can I get the kids to bed peacefully?

   Understanding Your Child’s Behavior!

In order to understand why your child is misbehaving it is extremely useful to keep a diary:

 Identify one behavior that you would like to change.  Be as specific as you can e.g. wont do as s/he is told, hitting, demands things, whines. Write the behavior down.

   All Babies Cry Sometimes (2)

Some babies cry a lot more than others, even though they may be perfectly healthy and their parents very experienced in handling infants. The amount of time your baby spends crying each day may be less than it seems. Though you may feel that your baby is crying twenty-four hours a day, if you carefully record his actual crying times you may discover that his crying isn’t really nonstop. Understandably, your feelings of frustration and helplessness may make it seem that your baby cries endlessly.

   All Babies Cry Sometimes (1)

Few parents of babies have hours to spend reading any book from cover to cover, so I’ve designed this one for people who have only five minutes a day to concentrate on anything but their fussy babies. The book contains brief, comprehensible explanations and plenty of charts to speed up your search for answers.