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Yemen Antiques under Vandalism, Theft and Destruction
  Written By: Ahmed M. Ba-Matrf (YEMEN POST STAFF)
  Article Date:
November 24
, 2008



Yemen enjoys being a country where many civilizations emerged & extinguished. Many archeological sites spread throughout the country and discoveries throughout the country prove the important role Yemen played in the ancient era. Expeditions from Germany, France, Belgium and The United States came to Yemen searching & maintaining the priceless ancient antiques and sites in Yemen; the American expedition discovered remaining parts of the old Marib dam under the existing one, local expedition also discovered eight royal graves belonging to the emperors of Rasulia Empire in Taiz, a joint French & Italian expedition started searching works in the capital city of Qataban Empire which lasts from 5th B.C -1st A.C.All these local & foreign interests proves Yemen's heritage of ancient sites & antiques. International observers mention that Yemen is one of the  most archeological countries in the world.

Although the historical characteristic, the country still faces drastic situation of antiques' smuggling and destruction. "Yemen can be proud of being world antique-export pioneer," said the French historian Christian Roban. This brought us to the reality of people's unconsciousness to the priceless value these antiques represents. However, a large number of them are taken through theft. "The best antiques found on international markets are Yemeni, and Yemen must review its antique's law to save them from theft," said Mr. Arbash; Belgium researcher.  Many ancient cities and historical capitals in Yemen turned to closed territories where smuggling gangs work freely in arbitrary & organized networks.

The common thought among Yemeni people of being the owner of these antiques lead to the vandalism and subsequent destruction to the ancient monuments. Ineffective antiquities' law makes the situation worst, and invites expatriate to practice this illegal craft. Government must step up to stop smugglers of wiping out the country's history.