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New Training for Army as Elections Near: Governmental Soldiers on High Alert

  Written By: (FOR THE YEMEN POST)
  Article Date:
January 19, 2009



As the fourth parliamentary elections since the 1990 reunification near, the Ministries of Defense and Interior are urging the military and all security forces to be on high alert to pave the way for a successful April 27 parliamentary elections.  

Though the New Year coincides with growing threat of piracy, and instead of urging the army to bear its responsibilities as a national institution that is not authorized to stand guard to a party, military leaders are calling on the army to be as a defender of democracy during the elections. 

Chief of Staff Ahmed Al-Ashwal asked the armed forces to be alert and stand up to those who attempt to destabilize the country. 

In a speech he delivered in front of the southern military bloc, Al-Ashwal said the armed forces affiliates have to strike terrorism and the culture of hatred with an iron fist. 

Launching the first phase of the new training year, Al-Ashwal addressed the armed forces saying gains Yemen has made have come as a result of security and stability.

He highlighted the sacrifices of Yemeni soldiers saying the defense institutions will stay the powerful tool Yemen uses against those who attempt to harm its integrity and stability.  

Vice President: National Security Forces will not stay with their hands tied.

Vice President Abdu Rabu Mansour Hadi hopes Yemen will make strides in terms of development and investment and that democracy be promoted through holding the April 27 elections on time. "All these national strategies require the armed forces be on high alert."

"The armed forces will fight those who break the law as well as all terror and destabilizing acts that conflict with the constitution and noble values."   

At a speech festival and military parade at the leadership of the Republican Guards and the Special Forces, Hadi praised the level of fight readiness among the Republican Guards and the Special Forces. "They are professional and well-qualified and live up to responsibilities they are entrusted with." 

"Your blood and devotions prevented the victory of Yemen's enemies." He addressed the attendant troops. 

"In a time the governmental institutions seek to establish security and social peace; spread the tolerance views and go ahead with development plans. People, whose loyalty to their country has eroded, still commit destabilizing acts targeting the country's people and institutions." 

"Improvements and gains throughout the country demonstrate the government's commitment to development and show its wide service map which comes in the belief that development is the strong link between the government and the citizens."  

“Whoever follows up expanded development activities in the northern province of Saada, they can realize that as much the government is able to deter those who break the law as it efficiently runs the development process." Hadi said. 

He pointed out that the reconstruction of Saada has been launched and plans for that are irreversible.  

Backward projects and thought would be faced with knowledge and improvements. 

“The defense institutions will remain the resource of the people's strength as they have always been.” They must live up to responsibilities they are entrusted with which are to fight devil conspiracies,” he added. 

Deputy Chief of Staff: The army has to help pave the way for the upcoming elections  

For his part, Deputy Chief of Staff Ali Muhammad Salah said that technical readiness of the military machineries and equipments form a solid foundation for the military readiness. He highlighted the duties of the Yemeni army technical units and requirements that have to be provided for these units. 

Launching the first phase of the new training year at the Army Technical Department,  the Central Maintenance Base and the Light Transport Brigade and the 22nd May Factory, Salah said Yemen will not accept terrorism and extremists on its soil nor allow anyone to destabilize it and harm its interests. 

"Yemen is standing on the verge of a critical juncture with which holding the April 27 parliamentary elections on scheduled time and it must be given priority by all institutions." 

"You have to contribute to boosting security and stability and make more efforts to carry out training responsibilities in an effort to pave the way for the April elections. You have the right to vote and so will you do," he addressed the army technician units. 

“We don't have to relax and be satisfied with gains we made over the last year. Rather we have to boost our unity and keep our alert to deter all forms of smuggling, sabotage acts and terror,” he concludes. 

President's Son: The Armed forces will strike with an iron hand 

Chief of the Republican Guards and the Special Forces Ahmed Ali Abdullah Saleh urged the armed forces to fight all extremist streams and terrorist networks committing terrorist acts that are denied by all religions and humane values and which affect the national economy. 

Saleh affirmed the armed forces will strike with an iron fist all those who think of destabilizing Yemen. 

He reiterated loyalty to the political leadership saying the Republican Guards and the Special Forces will stay on high alert to defend Yemen's sovereignty and stability.

Minister of Defense: The armed forces have to provide a well-secured atmosphere to succeed the April 27 elections: 

Launching the new training year in the Middle Military Area, Minister of Defense Muhammad Nasser Ahmed addressed the military and security units in the areas saying all soldiers have to understand the concepts of military training and develop their capabilities to be able of achieving their responsibilities efficiently. 

The armed forces along with other security forces have to play a vital role in fixing democracy through providing security for the population to practice  their democratic rights.