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  Written By:   ( YEMEN POST STAFF ) 
  Article Date: February 11, 2008 




Members of one Palestinian family who protested in front of the Palestinian Embassy in Sana’a after they were kicked out of their apartment. 



Teachers in Hodieda who protested demanding the government to pay them their salaries. Teachers in Bara’a, Hodieda have not received their salaries in months.



The total number of months “Humaidi”, who was burnt alive on Siteen Road of the capital, had to wait until his burial takes place. The suspects are still on the run. Hundreds of people attended his funeral this week.


$38 Million

The total amount a Paris court ruled against the Yemeni government in favor of investor Ahmad Farid. Yemen had 48 hours to pay the amount.



The number of dead when a tourist bus hit a Toyota vehicle in Taiz. Two passengers were also injured.



Kidney patients protested in front of the prime minister’s office demanding the government to give them medicine.



The number of health syndicates in Hodieda on strike demanding that the government to improve their wages.



Brides and grooms in Shabwa who got married in a joint marriage festival. Joint marriages have been one of the ways to ease the financial difficulties of marriage.


$3 Billion

The total amount from the current grant given to Yemen from the Gulf Council.



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