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  Written By:   ( YEMEN POST STAFF ) 
  Article Date: December 22,2008 





Number of suspected pirates that India handed over to Yemen, among them11Yemenis. Investigations later showed that the 11 Yemeni sailors were victims and were taken hostage by the pirates.




The number of tribesmen from Bani Thabyan who were arrested by governmental authorities. Last week, three German citizens were kidnapped by tribesmen from Bani Thabyan, and the government arrested their friends and relatives in an effort to force the kidnappers to let the Germans free. Human rights organizations spoke out and accused the government of imprisoning innocent locals for the crime of others.




Number of people killed in clashes between Bani Salamh tribes of Dhammar. Six people were also injured.




The total number of international lawyers who have volunteered to defend Montathar Al-Zaidi, a journalist in Iraq, after he threw his shoes at US President George W. Bush. Al-Zaidi, is now considered a hero in most Arab countries.


More than 1500

Yemenis who are currently stranded in Jeddah International Airport after Yemenia Airlines was not able to take them back to Yemen.

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