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  Written By:   ( YEMEN POST STAFF ) 
  Article Date: January 01,2009 





Number of relatives of the suspected killer of the Jewish Moshe who were arrested in court after they threatened to kill all the Yemeni Jews if their relative was not freed.




The number of protesters that were arrested in Aden after they were suspected of entering the Egyptian Consulate and damaging limited property in the consulate. The protesters did so as they felt that Egypt is responsible for the ongoing killings of their brothers in Gaza due to the Rafah crossing on the Egyptian side remaining closed.




Number of people who were kidnapped by the tribes of Hanshat, Nihm. The kidnapped were tribesmen from Hashid. This took place as a retaliation after Hashid tribes kidnapped one Hanshat tribeman earlier this week.




The total number of people who were killed in Gaifa, Rada’a in problems related to land dispute. The piece of land was not big, but tribesmen see it as honor to be killed for the sake of their property.



Total number of gallons of wine that security forces in Hodieda were able to seize. The wine was locally made.

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