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  Written By:   ( YEMEN POST STAFF ) 
  Article Date: February 09, 2009 



Authorities Arrests 4000 People during Last Month

Ministry of Interior has arrested 4000 of wanted suspects last month. Informed sources from the ministry denied that these arrests are linked to terrorism. The source added that arrested people are wanted on criminal charges including murdering, robbery and banditry.

Eretria Seizes Eight Yemeni Fishermen

A Yemeni finishing boat along with 8 fishermen on board have been seized in the Red Sea international waters by Eritrean authorities. Against agreements signed with Yemen not to attack each otherís fishing boats, Eritrean authorities took the boat and the fishermen to the island of Muteih in Eritrea and confiscated the boat and the fishermenís properties on it.

Authorities Seizes Big Amount of Drugs Hidden inside Bread Oven

Official Sources declared that Security authorities in cooperation with customs authorities of the Free Zone at the containers port in Aden governorate seized a mass of drugs coming from an Arab country. Police of the Free Zone caught the huge quantity which was packed inside a big mechanical oven for bread which was in a container of 40 feet long and it was placed inside nine iron boxes the length of each is one meter and half a meter wide and a height of 30 centimeters.
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